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Heller Industries Focused on Leadership in Reflow Oven Technology.

Heller Industries was founded in 1960 and pioneered convection reflow soldering in the 1980s. Over the years, Heller has partnered with its customers to continually refine the systems to satisfy advanced applications requirements. By embracing challenge and change, Heller has earned the position of World Leader in Reflow Technology…

Heller Industries, the market leader in reflow technology, supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide.

We provide continuity in sales, engineering and support for the life of your system… with a single point of contact… and a fast-moving, knowledgeable service organization. Our reliability is one reason Heller has grown so steadily over the years, particularly in global markets, where business relationships require years of commitment.

Heller uses advanced manufacturing and production systems to supply both standard and special ovens cost-efficiently, with rapid delivery. These capabilities are supported by corporate and fiscal strength, the result of consistency in management policies and engineering expertise over the past 58 years. As pioneers in developing convection oven technology, we invite you to share your SMT reflow and curing application needs with us.

Leadership in the Reflow Oven Marketplace

Heller Industries continues to push the envelope of leadership in oven technology. A pioneer in the introduction of forced convection reflow… and in-line continuous curing applications… we provide solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers world wide. Heller’s commitment to customer-responsive product development is the foundation of our management philosophy.

We understand the critical importance of listening to industry concerns. An interdisciplinary team reviews all feedback, suggestions and custom requests from the field, then develops new concepts in consultation with the customer. Many of Heller’s most important innovations, with broad market applications, have emerged from this process.

Heller’s comprehensive in-house values training program ensures a continuous focus on customer-responsive product development. It reinforces the dedication and enthusiasm of our people, which remain the key elements in our approach to the global marketplace. This investment in our workforce is your assurance that Heller’s capabilities will always meet the increasing scope of customer requirements.

Heller applies its extensive engineering resources to create custom solutions to satisfy each customer’s specific process requirements.

Leadership in Oven Manufacturing

Heller Industries uses the most advanced production systems available. Our company-wide ISO 9001 program enhances communication within and among departments… as well as throughout our global network of regional managers, sales representatives, field service engineers and customers.

Heller’s ISO 9001 program uses a Quality Assurance protocol to track field experience worldwide, delivering immediate feedback to engineering. On the factory floor, employee empowerment ensures that product or process improvements are documented, communicated and implemented. The interaction of these processes has led us to produce equipment characterized by on-time delivery, long-term reliability and high-yield production.

Heller produces reflow and curing systems that perform dependably in six-sigma production environments worldwide.

Leadership in Management

Heller’s cohesive management team ensures valuable continuity; the people you speak with today have a heritage… and a future… with the company. Our entire staff is grounded in engineering principles and trained in oven manufacturing. This shared experience provides support in executing the company’s various functions: assembly, design, service or quality assurance.

Selecting capital equipment is always a major decision involving careful analysis and consideration of many factors. When you choose Heller, you can be assured that all these factors will work in your favor: responsive management, engineering expertise, dedication to innovation and reliable equipment supported by the resources and organization to meet your needs. With a 58-year history of corporate and financial strength, Heller is able to maintain its stability through the natural cycles of the capital equipment business.

All our oven advantages… lower operating costs, greater flexibility, reduced maintenance, higher throughput… makes your process more efficient. This enables you to deliver the quality, and meet deadlines, demanded by your customers. When you select capital equipment from a market leader, the machinery, and the people behind it, become your competitive weapon.

Heller’s management team creates security for you through leadership… oven innovation… and customer satisfaction.

Leadership in Innovation

Since we introduced our first full convection reflow oven in 1987, Heller Industries has brought innovations and refinements to market at an accelerating rate. In the course of responding to forces that impel electronics assemblers to reduce their product development cycles, Heller has amassed considerable expertise in resolving reflow and curing issues. Having pioneered full convection reflow… now the standard of the industry… we have met, and continue to accept, major engineering challenges, including:

  • Minimizing both nitrogen consumption and oxygen PPM for reflowing in inert atmospheres, to reduce users’ operating costs.
  • Developing the first filter less solution to removing flux condensate from the cooling zone of nitrogen reflow ovens, to virtually eliminate maintenance requirements.
  • Introducing the first reflow ovens with field-retrofittable nitrogen capabilities, to increase user’s economic flexibility.
  • Designing the first dual rail ovens to save space, reduce cost and support both reflow and short-term curing for users.
  • Improving curing productivity with a family of in-line vertical ovens for users of die attach, flip chip underfill and COB encapsulation applications.

Heller’s commitment to innovation assures you of keeping pace with dynamic, leading-edge technological change.

Leadership in Development, Service, and Support

Working in partnership with our customers, Heller’s engineering staff responds to customer requests for developmental projects… from minor refinements to radical new approaches. This program of continuous improvement yields significant dividends for all our customers. By applying our reflow and curing advances to their processes, our customers enhance their own competitive edge.

Heller’s support for its worldwide installed base includes multiple service depots in the United States, Europe and Asia… as well as factory-based service engineers available through a 24-hour beeper number. We also offer support through our leading-edge RMATS (Remote Modem-Accessible Technical Service) program with worldwide video link capabilities. This state-of-the-art system allows our service engineers to access your oven’s internal electronics and answer your questions, wherever you are, whenever you have a concern.

With Heller ovens operating in dozens of countries, our responses to regional issues include CE certification for European installations… software translated into local languages… and partnerships to satisfy emerging markets. Heller accepts the responsibility of providing global leadership while supporting individual customer needs.

Heller support services are your guarantee of reflow and curing systems that perform with reliability, longevity and outstanding quality.

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