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Reflow Oven CPK Introduced for the Ultimate in Process Control!

Powered by ECD, this innovative software package provides three levels of process control from Reflow Oven CPK, to Process CpK and Product Traceability, this software ensures that all parameters are optimized and SPC reporting is fast and easy.

  • Watches your Reflow process for you
  • Enables audit recall down to board level to your clients
  • Recall reflow data for Playback by part number, Board In/out and other search criteria for ISO and customer audit trace-ability
  • Immediate notification of any out of spec conditions
  • Engineers can automatically be notified by pager or e-mail
  • Dramatically reduce scrap and rework
  • KNOW that the assemblies have been processed within spec and have the DATA to prove it
Tier 1: Oven CPK

Now a standard feature with every Heller oven, the Oven Cpk software monitors each zone in the system and captures variations in temperature over time to determine both individual zone Cpk and overall oven Cpk data. Includes:

  • Continuous temperature monitoring of each heated zone
  • Automatic Cpk calculation for each heated zone
  • Automatic calculation for Overall Oven Cpk X-Bar and Standard Deviation calculations
  • Integrated graphing of up to the last 50 temperature data points
  • Automatic notification of any out of spec occurrences with precise zone location indication

With this innovative tool, you will have real time feedback of the oven’s performance and constant assurance that the oven is performing within the desired specifications.

Tier 2: Process Cpk with the Oven Watch System

OvenWATCH is designed to continuously monitor the quality of PCB assemblies as they pass through the Heller oven. OvenWATCH can provide you and your customers with the confidence of knowing that the quality of your PCB assemblies is being monitored 24 hours per day…..365 days per year.

  • Continuous 24-hr product quality monitoring
  • Board dynamic profile generation without attaching thermocouples
  • Automatic SPC Analysis & Alert Reporting
  • Archiving of the dynamic profile of each pcb processed for later playback
  • Remote alarm capability for off-site troubleshooting

This helps to provide your customers with proof of your product quality.

Tier 3: Product Traceability

With the product trace-ability feature all PCB’s and assemblies are time stamped and stored for recall at any time for any assembly.

Each product receives:

  • Positive part identification by P/N, solder paste, baseline profile and product photo
  • Board Level Traceability of Reflow Soldering conditions
  • Recall of all data and parameters for ISO and customer audits


With this dynamic 3 tiered system you will be able to quickly improve product quality and yield while reducing costs. And the additional benefits of automatic record keeping and recall provide you and your customers with the peace of mind that all process parameters are under control and within spec while you project a high quality culture to your High Reliability customers


Reflow Oven CPK photo
Process Data Archiving and Playback
Automatically reports any out-of-specification problems & trends before PCB quality is negatively affected.
Automatic Statistical Process Control Charting
Automatically utilizes statistical process control (SPC) software to establish quality specifications & report out-of-control trends during operation.

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