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Heller Industries Network in Taiwan

Main Office

11F.-9, No.83, Sec. 1, Nankan Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 33859, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-7718-8688, Fax: +886-2-7718-8755, Johnny Wu, Arthur Liang

Taiwan Representative Network

D-Tek Technology Co., Ltd., No. 15, Lane 32, Wu Fu 1st. Rd. Lu-Chu Hsiang, Tao-Yuan Hsien

Tel: +886-3-311-0588, Fax: +883-3-311-0330, E-mail: dtek@ms10.hinet.net

Contacts: Simon Lee, Rudder Shen

Chailease Resources Technology Co., Ltd., No. 361, Fuxing 1st Rd, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 333

Tel: +886-3-328-7070, Fax: +886-3-328-7090, E-mail: service@crtc.com.tw

LoyalSun Tech Co. Ltd1F., No.130, Jiankang Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-8227-6618, Fax: +886-2-8227-6226, E-mail: penny@loyalsun.com

Premtek International Inc.F, No. 47, Lane 2, Kuang-Fu RD., Sec. 2, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Tel: +886-3-572-2000, Fax: +886-3-5725-000, E-mail: pii@premtek.com.tw

Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited6F-6, No. 28 Tai Yuen Street, Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Chu-Pei City, HsinChu, 302 Taiwan

Tel: +886-3-5525-333, Fax: +886-3-5525-323, E-mail: teltectaiwan@teltec.asia

We know you hate sales guys & you don't have a lot of time. We can do a consult over Webex and let you ask questions without having to listen to a sales pitch.

We welcome you to visit any of our facilities - USA, Asia, Europe to get a closer look at our products and have all of your questions answered.

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